Amongst all of the changes occurring as we adapt to recent world events, asset-intensive organisations are taking time to bolster their safe work practices and reflect on the role of technology across their operations. We are currently working with many clients to improve the practice of building maintenance strategies and work instructions using OnPlan technology – a proven software tool used to create high-quality maintenance documents.

Regular scheduled maintenance must be performed to keep assets operating safely and reliably. Maintenance instructions are used to plan and control the work quality standards. Traditionally, maintenance work instructions are developed from scratch each time a new work order is placed, due to the level of specificity required to instruct technicians. There is a myriad of differences between the tasks and parts associated with maintaining each asset, and strict safety compliance regulations that govern the mining industry.

Many mine operators are transforming their operations to remote working. These restrictions remove the overlap between shift workers on site. The need for clear maintenance instructions and operational oversight is higher than ever.  OnPlan technology provides technical writers and maintenance teams with the ability to complete work remotely and for project management to oversee work instruction development in real-time. The software is built and used by highly experienced maintenance experts, ensuring the user experience is straightforward and logical, safety standards are upheld to the highest standards and embedded into the documents.

Safety and innovation have been key drivers for the OnPlan team for numerous years. OnPlan’s Work Instruction Builder uses repeatable elements to cut down the time required to build and review documents. Being a flexible maintenance document system, all document types can be built. Inspection checklists, service sheets, component remove and install instructions, component overhauls can all be developed in one tool.

The work instruction builder comes pre-loaded with common maintenance document elements such as lists of mining-related hazards and controls, PPE lists and icons, standards, permits and common tooling. This reduces setup time and gets you up and running quicker so you can focus on your core business – an essential driver of our economy.