The Right Environment for Innovation

Industry trends (external forces) and organisational policies and structures (internal forces) need to be properly acknowledged and considered by leadership teams to realise preferred vision for the future. Listed below are four areas to review if you are striving for your chosen approach to innovation to flourish in the networked world, with examples of how these considerations are integral to OnPlan’s success.

Organisational Structure

Have you created a corporate structure that is agile and flexible, and that encourages diverse thought, individual initiative and the development of new ideas?

It is not likely that the hierarchical organisational structures or the past will be appropriate to create the attributes required for strategic innovation. It is consistently shown that flexible organisations move quickly to grasp new opportunities and meet new challenges.

The team at OnPlan has experienced tremendous success embracing ideas and suggestions from different departments. This has included tapping into the brains of subject matter experts in heavy industrial maintenance, engineers, asset management consultants, technical writer, software developers, site managers and more. We have also witnessed this cross-department communication benefiting our clients as they onboard with OnPlan – with maintenance teams, site managers, IT departments and corporate representatives embracing digital changes and benefits across the board.


Do you have a constant stream of information from many sources that may be relevant for the future?

With information overload, and change being so rapid, you must have a strategic plan to ensure that the information on which you act is relevant and updated. Continuous proactive research is needed to maintain strategic foresight and insight.

Access to current and accurate information has always been a priority for the OnPlan team. Our leadership team have consistently prioritised creating meaningful partnership with OEMs to improve access to accurate information and have established thorough processes to ensure accurate oversight and approval of information across all software solutions and services.


Have you developed a diversity of new contacts in order to be able to gain fast access to new knowledge, wisdom and resources?

You need this diversity to provide new perspectives that lead to innovation. New networks let you get out of your mental silo, expand your horizons, and establish an expansive database of contacts that can be used for your unforeseen future.

OnPlan was originally conceptualised with the mining sector as its target audience. Between the three company directors, they hold over 100 combined years in asset management and heavy industrial maintenance in the mining sector. This extensive experience had resulted in a large available network at OnPlan’s conception. However, upon bringing the whole solution to market and meeting asset management representative across multiple industries, it was quickly discovered that OnPlan was a solution to number of pains across oil and gas, manufacturing, infrastructure, defence and more. This diversity of contacts has been a successful factor in the organisation’s new stage of growth.


Do you have a program to make innovation a core competency?

If new ideas are the foundation of future sustainable competitive advantage, you will need to ensure that they are actively developed within your organisation. Allowing innovation to occur randomly will not allow you to compete with those who have a strategic approach to innovation.

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