Newmont (NYSE: NEM) has a team of in-house team technical writers at their Boddington Gold mine in Western Australia. The team builds maintenance work instructions to guide technicians through maintenance tasks for their gold processing plant. Using structured documents helps improve safety and keep a consistent standard of work. In mid-2019 Boddington starting looking for a better tool to manage maintenance documents. By late 2019 they had chosen and implemented the OnPlan maintenance document solution.

Boddington’s main requirements were;

  • Provide the same style and formatting functions as Microsoft Word (tables, hyperlinks, fonts etc.)
  • Publish documents to standard MS Word templates
  • Output digital interactive documents
  • Load existing MS Word documents
  • Use repeatable document elements
  • Align to SAP functional location structure
  • Share data between many users

OnPlan Builder easily met Newmont’s base needs for process plant maintenance work instructions. In particular, Boddington were impressed with the ease-of-use of the OnPlan maintenance work instruction tool. An important part of the project was the conversion of over 2,000 Microsoft Word documents. Doing the document conversion was a key factor in Newmont Boddington’s decision to buyOnPlan.

Boddington also has an eye to the future. While the immediate need is to build Microsoft Word documents, OnPlan maintenance work instructions can also be output to the interactive OnPlan App. This means technicians can have work assigned to them and take work instructions into the field on their tablets. They can then record information directly onto the device as well as taking photos and raising notifications. Additional information can be accessed from a document library to assistrepair and troubleshooting.

Pulkit from Boddington commented, “AssetOn worked with us to setup the software to meet our site needs. They loaded our existing documents and have continued to support us as we transition our document workflow systems into OnPlan. We also see the potential for digital work instructions and will be trialing the OnPlan App soon.”