Glencore’s Clermont mine runs a large fleet of mobile mining equipment. Clermont uses detailed maintenance content in the form of inspections and remove and install work instructions to control maintenance work on the equipment. These documents had previously been built using Microsoft Word. However, Clermont engineers saw the benefits of using AssetOn‘s OnPlan Builder.

Clermont quickly saw the efficiencies of building repeatable elements into documents and then using these elements multiple times. For example, correct equipment isolation is critical to protecting worker safety during maintenance. The isolation procedure needs to be done before performing most maintenance work. With OnPlan, a quality isolation step can be built once and used on many documents. If a change to the isolation step needs to be made, this can be done once and all the relevant documents are updated. A real time-saving feature.

Other repeatable elements include hazard and control pairs that can be linked to job steps, and standard lists of tooling, PPE, permits, standards, oils & fluids that are pre-loaded into OnPlan. These lists can be applied in documents to improve standardisation, consistency and quality.

And thsee are just examples of the many features built into OnPlan that speeds up the development of maintenance content.

Another key time-saving feature is the use of ‘drag-and-drop’ to build new documents from existing library elements. For example, a job preparation step plus machine barricading, then isolation,draining fluid compartments etc. can be dragged from the library to quickly pull together a new document. There is even a feature to ‘reverse’ a component removal procedure to make it a component install. All to save the user time and improve quality.

Our team estimates that this is at least twice as fast as using Microsoft Word or similar tools to build maintenance content.

To find out how OnPlan maintenance content builder can save time for your engineers, get in touch today.