Why is it that organisations still deal with inaccurate asset data and bills of material that are stored in multiple silos? It’s not only a drain on resources, it’s highly inefficient and poses safety risks – but it can easily be overcome through smart, useful technology.

It’s no secret that having the right information easily accessible significantly improves workforce efficiency and business operations. Particularly in maintenance and other heavy industries, having accurate Asset Master Data documentation is absolutely fundamental.

Without it, critical components may be installed incorrectly, or not get changed at the right time. Incorrect or out of date job scopes may lead to premature component failure, increased risk of harm to people or equipment or increases in maintenance costs and downtime– all of which impact on revenue.

To efficiently manage large quantities of physical assets across the enterprise and to ensure uptime, asset information must be properly integrated, validated, categorised and stored in a central location.

So why is it that organisations still must deal with inaccurate asset data and bills of material that are stored in multiple silos?

At AssetOn, we deliver accurate, up-to-date bills of material for assets or tasks, fed into your ERP. We source the latest OEM information and customise it either reconciled against your material numbers or as-built for your specific machine serial numbers. We then apply your inventory and purchasing policies and upload them directly to your ERP.

Improve your efficiency with accurate master data

You can transform the way you manage your master data using OnPlan’s standardised, centralised, and automated approach. Asset hierarchies, strategies, task lists, and maintenance plans make the loading process easier and make your data work better for you and streamlined access to information makes data management training and future data updates much easier.

Having a central hub for all asset information gives you the control you need to efficiently manage inventory, track assets, improve procurement and streamline maintenance across your entire organisation.

Let us work as a team to produce your high-quality Bill of Materials that are available in your ERP system, saving you thousands of dollars per year!

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