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A faster way to build and manage safe work procedures and maintenance instructions for large industrial assets

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Building better documents

Building work instructions using Microsoft Word is inefficient and cumbersome. Managing large volumes of maintenance content in individual documents leads to inconsistencies, errors and out-of-date instructions. From our extensive background in industry, we knew there had to be a better way.

Introducing OnPlan. OnPlan work instruction software uses repeatable elements to cut down the time required to build and review documents. This produces significant efficiencies in the development and management of maintenance content.

OnPlan Builder in Action

Work Instruction Software by OnPlan

Boddington Gold Mine

A step-change in document development efficiency and the rapid conversion of 2,000 legacy documents made OnPlan work instruction software an easy choice for Newmont’s process plant technical writing team.

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Work Instruction Software by OnPlan

Asaleo Care NZ

OnPlan Builder was used to remotely develop maintenance documents for a new paper line. This substantially reduced the time to build and review quality inspection sheets and overhaul instructions.

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Key OnPlan Builder Features

Handle All Task Types

OnPlan is a flexible maintenance document system. Build, manage and deploy all document types in one tool. Inspection checklist, service sheets, component remove and install instructions, component overhauls and more.

Inspection checklists and service sheets range from simple ‘tick and flick’ sheets to more detailed forms to collect measurements and other data about asset condition. OnPlan can handle it all with a simple yet flexible approach to building content.

Complex component replacement instructions with images, tables, formatted text, 3D content, document links and data collection elements can be built and deployed using OnPlan.

Other procedures and guidelines can be built and published using OnPlan so all documents for your maintenance operation can be managed and shared using the same system.

Reach New Levels of Efficiency

OnPlan focuses on content sharing and reuse with many elements that make building documents quick and easy. Slash document development management costs by 50% with these efficiency features.

OnPlan uses the concept of job operations (collections of job steps with instructions, images, advice and limits) that can be reused across the tool.

Create base content and leverage this across the tool. Need an isolation operation for a mining excavator? Build this once and simply drag and drop to link this element each work instruction that requires isolation. If the base operation changes, update it and all linked jobs will also be updated.

OnPlan comes pre-loaded with common maintenance document elements such as lists of mining related hazards and controls, PPE lists and icons, standards, permits and common tooling. This reduces time to setup and gets you up and running quicker.

Integrate to Your Existing Workflow

OnPlan is built to integrate into your existing maintenance document development and management workflow with minimal downstream impact. This save money on training and process interruption.

By using the ERP asset hierarchy to manage content, asset administration is reduced and it’s easy and efficient to find and manage documents.

Publish to SharePoint and other document management systems for document management and approval. No need to change your existing document management workflow.

Do you have existing documents in Microsoft Word ? No problem, our services team have bulk converted and imported thousands of documents into OnPlan. OnPlan also has an built-in import tool to get ad-hoc MS Word documents loaded in minutes.

Output Documents in Multiple Formats

Publish to both MS Word and Interactive digital App. Use the same content to publish to both MS word and interactive digital documents that can be used in the OnPlan App.

No need to transfer all content and sites over to a digital solution. OnPlan supports both legacy Microsoft Word documents and interactive digital documents from the same content source.

Output documents to Microsoft Word using your existing corporate templates. OnPlan can replicate all native feature of Word while maintaining document structure and formats.

The same content can be used in our maintenance execution app to take interactive digital documents into the field. This innovative approach to maintenance content saves significant time and effort. Content does not have to be transferred to another system to use digital documents. Both traditional (MS Word) and interactive digital documents can be published from the same source.

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How OnPlan Builder differs from other document tools

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Don’t have access to quality content? We can help.

With AssetOn, you’re backed by a team of experienced maintenance professionals. Our team has built thousands of maintenance work instructions for large industrial assets. We can use this expertise to quickly fill gaps in your maintenance documents, building high quality, rich structural inspection content for use with the App. The team has worked across process plant, mobile assets and infrastructure.

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OnPlan Solutions

Work Instruction Builder

Easy-to-use and efficient cloud-based software to build maintenance instructions for output to MS Word or to the OnPlan App.

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Workforce Mobility Tablet App

A workforce mobility app to take maintenance instructions to the field, collect inspection data and track job progress in real-time

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Structural Inspection Tablet App

Simple yet powerful tablet app for recording and tracking cracks and defects on large industrial assets in a 3D digital space.

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Document & Data Services

Our team of maintenance experts and technical writers can build maintenance instructions and master data for your assets.

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