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A faster way to build and manage safe work procedures and maintenance instructions for large industrial assets

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Building better documents

Building work instructions using Microsoft Word is inefficient and cumbersome. Managing large volumes of maintenance content in individual documents leads to inconsistencies, errors and out-of-date instructions. From our extensive background in industry, we knew there had to be a better way.

Introducing OnPlan. OnPlan work instruction software uses repeatable elements to cut down the time required to build and review documents. This produces significant efficiencies in the development and management of maintenance content.

OnPlan Builder in Action

Work Instruction Software by OnPlan

Boddington Gold Mine

A step-change in document development efficiency and the rapid conversion of 2,000 legacy documents made OnPlan work instruction software an easy choice for Newmont’s process plant technical writing team.

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Work Instruction Software by OnPlan

Asaleo Care NZ

OnPlan Builder was used to remotely develop maintenance documents for a new paper line. This substantially reduced the time to build and review quality inspection sheets and overhaul instructions.

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Key OnPlan Builder Features

Handle All Task Types

OnPlan is a flexible maintenance document system. Build, manage and deploy all document types in one tool. Inspection checklist, service sheets, compon