OnPlan KrackOn

A simple yet powerful structural inspection app for recording and tracking cracks and defects on large industrial assets

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structural inspections for industrial assets

Practical In-Field Structural Inspections

Performing structural inspections digitally is more than just transferring paper documents into digital forms. To take advantage of the benefits offered by in-field devices you need to consider how large volumes of content gets built, maintained and deployed. Further, the technology needs to meet the asset management objectives of eliminating structural failures and avoiding unscheduled downtime.

The KrackOn structural inspection management tool does just that. It is an easy to use, field inspection app that transforms your existing content into rich, mobile inspections.

Efficient Crack Recording

Record cracks in 3D space
Save data into an interactive database

Unlock Powerful Insights

Rich visualisations
Powerful analytics

Eliminate Duplicate Entry

Paperless system
Online & offline mobile device