Bulk Document Conversion

Bulk Conversion of Microsoft Word Documents to New Formats

Many maintenance Work Instructions exist in Microsoft Word of Adobe PDF Documents. This content is difficult to extract and update and doesn’t offer the repeatability of a structured Work Instruction system like OnPlan. Even simple things like updating a logo on all existing Work Instructions can be difficult across a large number of documents.

Introducing OnPlan’s document conversion tools. Using the OnPlan Work Instruction software, we are able to convert large volumes of legacy documents to a new template for further review and updating. OnPlan has a sophisticated process to load thousands of legacy documents, identify content elements and update them to a new format. this process saves thousands of hours administration time that would otherwise be needed to update Word documents to a new template.

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OnPlan Document Import

How does it work?

Our team will review your existing documents and adapt our document conversion rule-sets to interpret and upgrade your documents to a new format. Our propriety rule-based engine is optimised for maintenance documents and works for thousands of documents.

Once imported, the documents can be out output in bulk to a new Microsoft Word template or, further reviewed and edited user the OnPlan Builder.

Do I Need to Buy the Software to Use the Service?

No.You don’t need to purchase the OnPlan software to use the service. We can do the conversion for you and deliver update Microsoft Word documents in the new format. However, if you want to do you post-editing of the documents, you will need the software. Alternatively this can be done directly in the Word documents.

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