OnPlan Asset Management Consulting

Life cycle costing, maintenance strategy, equipment selection, MARC reviews, maintenance audits and frameworks.

Why OnPlan asset management consulting is different

We partner with our clients to build intelligent, sustainable and high-value asset management solutions aligned with global best-practice frameworks. OnPlan asset management consulting aims to ensure real value-added results and a measurable return on investment. OnPlan consulting differentiates itself though:

  • Extensive knowledge of asset management frameworks and processes
  • Diverse asset experience – mobile, fixed plant, infrastructure, ports, utilities
  • A proactive, hands-on approach
  • Experienced people from industry
asset management consulting

Our experts consult on the following

Life Cycle Costing

OnPlan’s specialised life cycle costing helps our clients optimise their mining asset investments and supporting technologies. We offers a complete range of life cycle costing services including:

  • Equipment selection
  • Maintenance contract (MARC) review
  • Budgeting and Forecasting (Xeras, AMT)
  • Economic life optimisation
  • Cost benchmarking

The OnPlan approach to life cycle costing is about more than simple cash-flow models. We hone in on your specific conditions to deliver custom built solutions.

We have a large database of life cycle cost models and highly experienced consultants that can assist with every aspect of your life cycle costing project.

Maintenance Strategy

OnPlan delivers a well formulated asset maintenance strategy that ensures your mining equipment assets are maintained at the right intervals. You can trust that they are always performing at optimal levels, safely and cost-effectively.

What you get with an OnPlan maintenance strategy:

  • One-on-one needs assessment with an OnPlan consultant
  • A solidly researched and soundly supported asset strategy
  • Improve your business operations
  • Optimised ROI

Master Data Development

OnPlan’s strategic master data management provides a solid foundation for your business.

OnPlan consultants will work with you to identify, define and capture the information necessary to create your master data management. We will help to implement a sound asset management strategy to support continuous improvement for your business.

Advantages of OnPlan master data management:

  • Easily accessible information across all departments
  • Identify and maintain high-risk assets
  • Improve team efficiency
  • System agnostic. Experience with SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Pronto, Ellipse.

Maintenance Audits and Frameworks

AssetOn’s clearly defined and custom asset management framework is vital to your business success.

We have developed a structured, best practice and measurable maintenance auditing process, proven to standardise and improve the asset management and maintenance of mining companies.

An AssetOn management audit delves into your asset management and maintenance to produce:

  • A custom-built asset management policy for your business needs
  • Analysis of management and governance
  • Assessment of the various levels of service involved in the framework
  • Identification of the data and systems within the framework
  • Ongoing evaluation to ensure continuous improvement; and
  • Identification of the specific resources, skills and process required

AssetOn consultants then use these results to develop a cohesive, detailed asset management framework.

This gives us essential insight into your asset management processes and your performance drivers. Then we can best determine how to produce sustainable improvement in your business.

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