Company Overview

At OnPlan, we’re inventing better ways to build, manage and deploy maintenance instructions for large industrial assets

Our Journey

OnPlan’s journey represents digital transformation in action. Originating in master data and asset management services, the company identified opportunities to provide the same, highly specialised master data services from a remote location, saving money and time. Our experienced maintenance and asset management professionals then helped create a digital tool for use on these projects to refine traditional processes which unlocked tremendous efficiency.

Utilising a database approach and a user-focused software design removed many labour intensive tasks and resulted in the team being able to complete more projects, faster. More impressively, productivity continuously improved without sacrificing quality. Further, worker safety and risk management is built into the core of the product helping technicians understand and mitigate job hazards, keeping them safe.

While originally designed for use on our own projects, OnPlan was quickly adapted for client operations when our customers saw the efficiencies that were gained by using a repeatable approach. This led to several site trials. Momentum increased with the success of the trials and this led to rapid commercialisation of the software.

OnPlan’s Edge

We understand the extent and speed that companies are able to change their processes varies. OnPlan is built in a way that can adapt to this rate of change by offering a hybrid digital / traditional approach to maintenance document deployment. With OnPlan, you can choose your approach to innovation. For instance, you can convert your existing documents to OnPlan, but still use MS Word templates in a traditional way. However, if you want to transition to digital documents, you can implement the OnPlan App with the Builder, to deploy your maintenance documents onto mobile devices. The benefit is that the content you build in OnPlan can be used for both cases, reducing the need to convert content later, saving considerable time and money. AssetOn has successfully implemented various combinations of such approaches with existing clients.

OnPlan Values

Many companies pay lip service to organisational values, but at OnPlan we’ve spent a lot of time considering and developing a set of values which we’re confident will position the company, our people and our clients for success.

We fully believe in the role our values play in setting the tone of management, shaping our culture and positively influencing the performance of our people.

The big winner from all of this are our clients. But a strong set of values and a positive culture that we all enjoy being part of obviously has much wider benefit too.

Our values power our culture, and our culture is what leads to innovation, solutions and success.

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