New master data partnership brings next level efficiency to mine sites

A landmark partnership between industry leaders, Hasting Deering and AssetOn, will deliver significant productivity and efficiency gains to mine sites in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

This partnership between an industry-leading software company and one of the biggest international Caterpillar distributors, is a first for Australia and possibly the world.

AssetOn’s master data service is available for all new and in-service Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) equipment distributed by Hastings Deering. The service supplies master data packages for SAP, Oracle and other major CMMS and ERP systems.

Hastings Deering, Australia’s largest distributor of Caterpillar equipment, will share its restricted equipment database with AssetOn.

The core benefit: AssetOn’s industry-leading software, together with Hasting Deering’s source data, will produce an exceptional level of master data accuracy for mine sites.

Long term benefits:

  • Drastic improvements in asset management planning efficiency
  • Reduced downtime by enabling replacement of the right parts
  • Significant cost savings through reduced purchasing costs
  • Greater labour efficiency

AssetOn’s master data service will also meet a significant need in the market. Current systems are expensive, lengthy and unreliable. This service will save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hastings Deering are one of the top five Caterpillar dealers globally, with approximately 3000 employees across 23 business service centres throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

Hastings Deering Services Marketing & Solutions Manager, Darrin Lingard, says the partnership adds to the company’s mission of helping customers maximise their fleet performance and optimise costs.

“We’re constantly stepping up to help our customers achieve the next level of productivity, cost and safety, and our partnership with AssetOn represents a huge win for customers in this space.

“AssetOn are proven technology and solutions leaders and having their master data package available to all new and existing customers is something we’re delighted to offer.”

Launched in 2016, AssetOn brings together industry-leading experience and expertise in asset management, delivered through the AssetOn Advantage master data service which builds and maintains work instructions, bill of materials and master data for mining assets.

AssetOn Managing Director, Stuart Burckhardt, believes the partnership with Hastings Deering represents a win for the entire sector.

“Hastings Deering supply heavy machinery to the bulk of the industry, which means this partnership provides so many mine sites with the opportunity to drastically improve productivity, safety and cost efficiencies.

“Working directly with Hastings Deering, the accuracy of our data will be second to none, enabling maintenance and repairs to be forecast ahead of time and downtime and hazards reduced substantially.

“Our analysis shows typical mine sites can expect to save between $380k to $2.4M per year through effective use of master data.”