Connected Workforces: The Future of Mining Maintenance

Connected Workforces: The Future of Mining Maintenance   Ever considered how much faster and easier maintenance and inspections could be if you could take an easy-to-use app into the field rather than a stack of paper, that you will have to enter manually into the computer later anyway?  The OnPlan Work Instruction App was created to [...]

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The Right Environment for Innovation

The Right Environment for Innovation Industry trends (external forces) and organisational policies and structures (internal forces) need to be properly acknowledged and considered by leadership teams to realise preferred vision for the future. Listed below are four areas to review if you are striving for your chosen approach to innovation to flourish in the networked [...]

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Good Time to Redirect Focus into Operation Improvements

Building for the future at the same time as managing core business operations is not easy.  It requires a strong vision for the future and a commitment to survival particularly when many businesses are facing uncertainty. Technology is rapidly evolving, and new business models are emerging.  Sometimes the future only becomes clear when one is [...]

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Time to Innovate: Building and Executing Safer Work Instructions Remotely

Amongst all of the changes occurring as we adapt to recent world events, asset-intensive organisations are taking time to bolster their safe work practices and reflect on the role of technology across their operations. We are currently working with many clients to improve the practice of building maintenance strategies and work instructions using OnPlan technology [...]

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