A better tool for building maintenance work instructions

Complex industrial assets require detailed maintenance work instructions and accurate master data to execute maintenance work efficiently and safely. And the benefits of having maintenance work instructions in place are real. A study by a large tier-one mining company found that a 10-20% reduction in job time can be achieved by having detailed instructions and [...]

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The cost of poor quality asset master data

Why is it that organisations still deal with inaccurate asset data and bills of material that are stored in multiple silos? It’s not only a drain on resources, it’s highly inefficient and poses safety risks – but it can easily be overcome through smart, useful technology. It’s no secret that having the right information easily [...]

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Know when to stop sweating your assets

I was with a client recently discussing their annual maintenance budget. Like most Australian mines, cost reduction had been a huge driver of asset strategy over the last few years. And while ‘running lean’ provided much needed cash-flow relief, this is not a long-term strategy if asset performance and safety are to be maintained. This [...]

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